How It Began

On January 30th 1933 at the Meyrick Park Bowls Pavilion a meeting was held with a view to forming a County Bowling Association. The Delegates were from the following  Women’s Bowls Clubs:- Bournemouth ( Mrs Daws, Mrs Sayer & Mrs Barnsley), and Moordown ( Mrs Tiller, Mrs Rickard & Miss White) Southbourne         ( Mrs Sims, Mrs Woodcock, & Miss Miell) also present were Mrs Dawes & Mrs Miell.

The idea of a County association was deemed non viable so a local Association was formed namely the Bournemouth & District Women’s Bowling Association.

The next meeting was on February 20th 1933 to form the committee. Clubs present were Bournemouth, Moordown, Southbourne, Alum Chine and New Milton. Mrs Daws was elected as the first President, Mrs Tiller as Vice-President and Mrs Miell as Hon Secretary & Treasurer.

The annual subscriptions were fixed at 21 shillings per club.
A 6 rink friendly was arranged against the E.W.B.A at Southbourne. Tea was served after the match at a cost of 1/6 p per head.

The first competitions arranged were Singles and Pairs.
Finals arranged to be played at Meyrick Park on 31st Aug 1933. Prize money of 1 Guinea for the winner of the Singles, 10/6 for the runner-up. 
10/6 for each of the winners of the Pairs and 5/- for each of the Runners-up. 
The first winners of the Competitions were:-
Singles Mrs. Barnsley (Bournemouth)
Pairs  Mrs Miell & Mrs Woodcock (Southbourne)

In 1934 Lymington joined the B&DWBA and a Fours Competition and Secretaries Cup was introduced. Ringwood applied and were accepted in September 1934.

Competition fees were set at the first AGM at 2/6 for the Singles, 1/6 each for the Pairs and 1/6 each for the 4’s. A rule concerning the Pairs entry was decided as :- the runner-up in a clubs Singles championship competition would choose a partner for the following year in the B&DWBA Pairs Competition. Cup and trophies were donated or paid for from the proceeds of Whist & Bridge Drives.

The first Annual Dinner and Presentation was held on November 19th 1935 at the Pavilion, Bournemouth.


The first winners of the League in 1933 were Southbourne.

New Divisions were formed slowly as more women took an interest in the sport.

         B - Division was formed in 1958
        C - Division in 1966
        D - Division in 1980
        E - Division in 1984
        F - Division in 1988
        G - Division in 1991 but was abandoned at the end of 2009
        H in 1993 but was abandoned at the end of 2001.

G Division became a “Two Wood Triples, 21 end” game in 2006 to try to keep it alive.

Unfortunately G Division was abandoned prior to the start of the 2011 Season due to teams withdrawing. This meant that the F Division was full with 10 teams.

Prior to the 2012 season D & E divisions had a team withdraw and F division had 2 withdrawals. This meant that D & E divisions played with 9 teams an F division was left with just 8 teams.

As there were more withdrawals D's & E's still only had 9 teams each and F's managed to survive with 5 teams. Those 5 teams played each other 3 times to make the season viable.

Looking forward to 2015, it appears there will only be 50 teams in the whole of the B&DWBA League unless any new teams are formed or teams withdraw. 

 Unfortunately F Division is no longer. We are pleased however that Ringwood BC has re applied to join the B&DWBA, been accepted and will be part of E Division.

Two Clubs, although Affiliated, Kings Park & Brockenhurst will not be taking part in the B&DWBA Leagues in 2015.


The B&DWBA welcomes Bournemouth Electric Bowls Club to the Association and Leagues. 

There are 10 teams in each of the A & B  Divisions and 9 teams in the C & D Divisions and only 5 teams in the E Division due to 3 teams withdrawing at the very beginning of the playing season.

At the AGM it was decided to change the format of E Division to a 2 wood, Triples, 21 ends, to try and bring more teams into the League and keep E Division alive.


 Two teams, Braeside & Richmond Park withdrew from E Division,  but too late to alter the fixtures.

Five new teams joined the League, Blandford, Boscombe Cliff, Broadstone Wessex, Ferndown and Verwood.

Honorary Secretary Christine Friery resigned July 21st 2017.

League Secretary resigned August 27th 2017.